Unique player evaluation

Global Soccer Network offers the most objective & all-around player analysis & evaluation system inside the football industry,based on our unique algorithms.

The GSN Index actually shows if a player is over- or underrated. It also identifies standout and weak performers, top prospect or veteran.


Global Soccer Network is able to deliver the specific reports in many different formats like HTML, PDF, Excel or CSV at any time.

The reports will be updated on a weekly or monthly basis.

Over 100 different categories

Global Soccer Network is able to search and filter players in over 100 different categories and add these filters into the requested reports.

Performance data,personal data,physical data,injury reports,market values,price performance ratio and a lot more.

We deliver everything.

Target group

Global Soccer Network wants to support every forward-thinking professional football club or football federation/association and their respective recruiting-,scouting- and analysis staff and simplify the decision making process.

In addition, GSN also provides scouting reports, team-,league-,competition- and player analysis to sport/football newspapers,magazines and websites.

Global coverage

Global Soccer Network is able to rate and compare players/teams from different leagues,competitions or countries using the GSN-Index.

GSN covers over 340.000 players and almost every professional-,semi-professional and youth league & competition worldwide.


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